17 November 2016
Environment Agency and flooding update

Throughout the year, I have been in conversation with the Environment Agency. The devastating floods across the north of England in December 2015 saw the wettest month ever recorded in the UK. Since then, the Environment Agency has been working closely with local communities, government departments and partners to ensure that those affected as well as the wider public are protected against future flood events.

Since last winter, the Environment Agency has spent £65 million to restore flood defences. The government has given £250 million to help local communities repair and recover. Despite this, there are still precautions home owners can take to prepare for the possibility of flooding.

With 1 in 6 properties in England at risk of flooding, it is important people who live in flood risk areas are made aware that their property may be affected. For further information about the flood risk to your property and for further advice,  please see www.gov.uk/floodsdestroy