9 July 2021
Cleverly visits CSS Training in Braintree

James Cleverly marks the anniversary of the UK Government's Plan for Jobs with a visit to the headquarters of CSS Recruitment and Training in Braintree.

James Cleverly said:

“It was great to visit CSS Recruitment & Training today, to meet their staff and hear first-hand about how they have been using the government’s Plan for Jobs measures to create new employment opportunities across Essex.

“Over the past year, millions of people and businesses across the UK have been supported by the UK Government.

“Our Plan for Jobs has protected people’s jobs, supported families and created new employment.”

To mark the anniversary, Government Ministers visited businesses across the country who have played a role in delivering the plan.

Liam Gleeson, CEO of CSS Recruitment and Training said:

“We are extremely grateful for the financial support that the government put in place for businesses during the pandemic. In the absence of this, it would have been even more difficult to survive the past year and a half.

“We are now fighting back, with plans to open further offices in Lincolnshire and Warwickshire, which will necessitate the engagement of additional staff.”