14 May 2021
Cleverly visits local businesses

James Cleverly visits local businesses as they open up after lockdown.

He says:

“It was lovely to visit local businesses in Braintree today. It’s been a tough year for retail and hospitality, but great to see people out supporting local shops.

“A lot of businesses have really struggled and the grants that the council and the government have been funding have kept a number of businesses afloat which would otherwise have gone under. But it's been really difficult.

“What I hope, and I have picked up on this from a number of people, is that it seems to be that a lot of people have been reminded of how much they love local shops. A lot of people really miss the local experience and now that they are allowed out again I think and I hope it will be a busy time for the local shops again.

“I encourage people to use local shops and employ local businesses.”