13 October 2022
James Cleverly responds to queries about Investment Zones

James Cleverly responds to constituents’ queries about the investment zones announcement in the Government’s growth plan and their impact on the environment.

Investment zones will reform bureaucratic processes in the planning system, attract investment and unlock economic growth.

James said:

“The Government is clear that we will not go back on our commitment to the environment. A strong environment and a strong economy go hand-in-hand.

“We have legislated through the Environment Act to protect the environment and will continue to improve our regulations and wildlife laws in line with our ambitious vision. Better regulation is not the same as lots of regulation.

“We want every corner of our country to prosper and bureaucratic processes in the planning system can hinder this and yet do not necessarily protect the environment.

“As set out in the Growth Plan, we will look at the frameworks for regulation, innovation and investment that impact farmers and land managers, to make sure that our policies are best placed to both boost food production and protect the environment. This includes looking at how best to deliver the Environmental Land Management schemes to see where and how improvements can be made. We will continue to work closely with the sector to ensure they are well designed and delivered.

“We remain committed to halting the decline of nature by 2030 and will not undermine our obligations to the environment in pursuit of growth.”