15 March 2015
Tabor Academy

I'm pleased to hear that progress is being made in finding a new sponsor for Tabor Academy in Braintree.

The Loxford School Trust, based in Ilford, has recently written to parents letting them know that the current sponsor, Lilac Sky, will be transferring sponsorship of the school to them.

The letter from Chief Executive Officer Anita Johnson and Director Peter Ballard said

"I realise that this uncertainty over the future has been a difficult time for the children, parents and staff.  

We would like to assure you we will do everything to improve your child's education and their life chances.  The process is very much at the initial stages, but we hope to transfer by April 1.  We are now in the process of consultation and due diligence."

I will make be writing to the new sponsors once the transfer has taken place to get a meeting with them to discuss their plans for the school's future.